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Jabay Main Products for Crafts

Sticker Books

Holiday Gifts

Holiday Items

Painting Set

Painting Set


Greeting Cards

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Magnetic Product

DIY Journals

DIY Craft Kit

Back to school

Back to School

coloring books with color pencils

Coloring Books

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Automatic Shrink wrap Machine

  • 2pcs of Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

         Speed: 50pcs per Min. Improve our production capacity               and reduce production fee

  • Widely used for cards,package box,creativity kits,games,Promotional gifts.
  • Beside Shrink wrap Machine,we have interior page automatci-Fold Machine which can fold instruction sheet.

Jabay Arts and Crafts Production Process

Print Machine Print Paper

Print Worker check print plate before paper material printing,mainly check color and content with approved proof.

Punching process

Experienced workers punch the game boards or colorbox by labor.It is usually for the complicated designer and template.

Raw Material Paper

Print Worker check print plate before paper material printing,mainly check color and content with approved proof.

Glitter Mounting Process

Experienced workers punch the game boards or colorbox by labor.It is usually for the complicated designer and template.

To conform the test standard is very important for the shipment,

We send test sample to SGS,Intertek,Eurofins and other labs. They are well known product test techonoly company in China.

Holiday Products

  • There are mainly New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Presidents’ Day, and Halloween.
  • Using these holidays, designers can create relevant items for our children’s products, such as journals, spiral notebooks, coloring pads, creativity kits, DIY crafts, puzzles, games, tin products, and magnet sets.
  • Different seasons call for different designs to match well.

Stationery Set

  • Pencils: Standard graphite pencils for writing and drawing,match with pencil sharpeners to use.It can be HB pencils,colored pencils
  • Crayons/chalk/paints with brush/markers/: Coloring tools for artistic activities.
  • Notepads/Journal/Diary: writing notes or doodling.
  • Coloring Books: Themed coloring books for creative coloring.
  • Sketchbook: A book with blank pages for more advanced drawing and sketching.
  • Stickers: Decorative stickers for decorating artwork or personal items.
  • Stencils: Templates for creating consistent shapes and designs.
  • Glue Stick: An adhesive for sticking paper and other materials.
  • Scissors: Child-safe scissors for cutting paper and craft materials.
  • Ruler: A ruler for measuring and drawing straight lines.
  • Compass: For drawing circles and arcs.
  • Erasers: Used to correct mistakes made with pencils.
  • Pencil Case: A container for organizing and carrying these stationery items.


Coloring Book

The common material for coloring pages as below:

  • OffsetPaper: This is a basic, uncoated paper commonly used in black-and-white coloring books. It’s affordable and works well with colored pencils and crayons.
  • Coated Paper: forgloss or matte vanish on surface can make colors appear more vibrant and can handle marker and ink applications well. These papers are often used for higher-quality coloring books.
  • Watercolor Paper: Watercolor paper is designed to handle wet media, making it a good choice for coloring books that are intended for watercolor paints or other wet media.
  • Drawing Paper: Drawing paper is typically heavier and has a bit more tooth or texture than standard bond paper, making it suitable for various coloring materials, including colored pencils, charcoal, and pastels.
  • Mixed-Media Paper: Mixed-media paper is versatile and designed to work well with a variety of coloring materials, including markers, ink, and watercolors.
  • Specialty Papers: Some coloring books may use specialty papers, like metallic paper or black paper, to create unique coloring experiences.

It can use perfect bound or metal O-spiral bound for binding coloring books.

Rock Painting

Rock Paints brings much joyce and imagination to kids painting,It is usually made of the components below

  • Rocks: Smooth, flat rocks are commonly included,usually a size that’s easy for children to handle.
  • Paints: Acrylic paints are most common because they are vibrant, easy to use, and dry quickly. They’re also permanent and waterproof once dry.
  • Brushes: Various sizes of brushes are included for different detailing needs. Small brushes for fine details and larger brushes for broader strokes.
  • Markers or Pens: Sometimes, paint pens or permanent markers are included for finer details or easier handling for younger children.
  • Instructions or Guide Book: A booklet with instructions, tips, and sometimes design ideas.
  • Decorative Elements: Sometimes, additional items like glitter, stickers, or googly eyes are included for extra decoration.
  • Stencils or Templates: These can help guide children in creating specific designs.



Sticker Books

The sticker book can come in various materials and different shaped,such as rectangle or shaped.

From the material,the common are as art paper sticker,offset sticker,puffy sticker.

  • Puffy stickers, which have a raised, three-dimensional appearance, are indeed another type of sticker commonly found in sticker books.which is popular with teenage.
  • Paper: This is the primary material for the pages of the sticker book. It’s typically a thicker, more durable grade than standard writing paper to withstand repeated use.
  • Adhesive Vinyl or PVC: These materials are flexible, durable, and can easily stick to and peel off the pages without leaving residue. They’re also water-resistant, which is a bonus for children’s products.
  • Adhesive Paper: Some stickers are made from adhesive paper. This type is less durable than vinyl or PVC but is more cost-effective. It’s suitable for stickers that are intended for single use.
  • Glossy or Laminatedor foil stamping Finishes: These can be applied to both the sticker book pages and the stickers themselves. They provide durability and a shiny, attractive finish that appeals to children.
DIY crafts activity manufacturers in china

DIY Crafts

  • Scrapbook: Colorful and versatile, great for cutting, folding, and creating all sorts of can write their dairy on this scrapbook too.
  • Glue Sticks and Liquid Glue: Essential for sticking things together; glue sticks are less messy, while liquid glue is stronger.
  • Safety Scissors: Designed with rounded tips, these scissors allow kids to cut paper and other soft materials safely.
  • Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils: Ideal for drawing and coloring, these tools help children express their creativity through various colors.
  • Pipe Cleaners: Flexible and colorful, they’re great for making shapes, figures, and adding dimension to crafts.
  • Pom-Poms and Googly Eyes: These add fun and whimsy to projects, perfect for creating little creatures or adding decorative elements.
  • Stickers: A simple way to decorate and personalize crafts without the mess of glue.
  • Yarn and String: Useful for stringing beads, making friendship bracelets, or adding decorative touches to crafts.
  • Beads and Buttons: Great for stringing activities, decorating, or making jewelry.
  • Craft Sticks (Popsicle Sticks): Useful for building structures, making puppets, or as a canvas for small paintings.
  • Feathers and Sequins: These add texture and sparkle to projects.
  • Felt and Foam Sheets: Soft materials that are easy to cut and glue, perfect for creating shapes and characters.
  • Modeling Clay or Play Dough: Great for sculpting and developing fine motor skills.
  • Recycled Materials: Things like egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, and bottle caps can be repurposed into creative projects.
  • Watercolor Paints: A kid-friendly introduction to painting that’s washable and easy to use.

Why Choose Jabay Crafts ?

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Bulk production usually takes 45 days which helps the goods to sell quickly in the market.

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Need more convincing? How about you take a look at what our customers think:

Jabay Team offer very professional suggestion while working with new projects.I really appreciate for that.  And we will continue to work with more new projects.

Tim Shure.

Innovative Design Inc

We have bought 12000pcs of crafts kits, and they delivered the products exactly as approved sample and within the given time. We are happy with the quality of the product and services provided by them.

Anna Smith


Prompt response to work is part of their great work,we are glad to work with Jabay team on new product development. we would like to develop more projects with them.They usually could offer available solution on any problem.

Christina D.e

Skyhigh LLC

FAQ About Arts and Crafts

We’re here to help! Here are answers to questions we get asked the most about jigsaw Puzzles!

Are you a crafts manufacturer in china?

We are a paper printing and package factory in Ningbo, China with Walmart and ICTI certificated. Supplying games, puzzles and art and crafts products.

What is MOQ for craft kits per title

Usually 2000pcs per title for MOQ,It may vary depending on the complexity of the customization.

How do you ensure the quality of arts and crafts Bulk?

We have a strict quality control process in place, which includes thorough inspection of raw materials, in-process quality checks, and final product testing to ensure that our arts and crafts product meet the highest quality standards.

Which test do your arts and crafts can pass for the exporting?

Besides the quality,the other important thing is that must conform the relative test such as Prop 65,EU 71,ASTM D-4236 and so on.

Do you provide customization options for arts and crafts?

Yes, we offer customization options for our clients. including game components, packaging, and artwork. 

Please contact us about your specific requirements.

Do you offer any warranty or guarantee on your Bulk shipment?

We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a warranty period 2 years . If you encounter any issues with arts and crafts set, please contact us, and we will work to resolve them promptly.


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