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Journal Regular Size and Template for Interior Page

                     For any writing Journal,there are usually some standard size. 

                 A3: 420x297mm, A4: 297x210mm, B5 250x176mm, A5: 210X148mm, A6:148X105mm

journal size and template

Spiral Journals

There are some options for sprial Journals as below:

Cover Material: Options include lightweight cardstock, durable plastic, premium leather or faux leather, and unique fabric designs.

Size: Varies from pocket size for portability, A5 for general use, to A4 for more extensive notes.

Shape: Primarily rectangular, with some journals available in square or landscape formats for specialized uses.

Use: Ideal for a range of purposes like note-taking, sketching, personal diaries, and project planning, with the key advantage of laying flat when open.


PU/leather Journals

Material: Faux Leather journals is as an affordable, animal-friendly option for durability and classic look。

It includes any synthetic material designed to mimic leather. It can be made from polyurethane (PU), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), or other plastic-based materials.

PU Leather: Specifically made from polyurethane, a plastic with a leather-like texture and appearance. It’s a specific type of faux leather and more widly used the leather journals.

Size: Common sizes include pocket size for portability, A5 for balanced use, and A4 for more extensive writing or sketching.

Binding Method: They feature various bindings like sturdy sewn, flexible spiral/wire, customizable loose-leaf, or unique hand-bound styles.

Plush Notebook/Diary

Cover Material: Plush notebooks have soft, tactile covers made from faux fur or velvet, with standard paper pages inside.

Theme: They feature playful themes like animal motifs, cartoon characters, and vibrant colors, appealing mainly to children and those who enjoy whimsical stationery.

Use: Ideal for personal diaries, casual note-taking, or as decorative gifts, plush notebooks are popular among children and teens for their fun designs and comforting texture.


Cover Materials: Planners typically have leather, hardcover, or plastic covers, with inner pages made from standard to high-quality paper.

Sizes: Common sizes include pocket size for portability, A5 for a balance of portability and space, and A4 for extensive planning needs.

Uses: They’re used for scheduling, goal setting, habit tracking, and are suitable for both personal and professional organization.

PVC Journal

Materials: PVC journals have durable Polyvinyl Chloride covers with standard paper pages inside.

Sizes: Available in small/pocket, medium (A5), and large (A4) sizes, catering to different writing and portability needs.

Binding Methods: Common bindings include flexible spiral, sleek glued/perfect binding, and versatile ring binders for adjustable page layouts.


Other Journal

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help! Here are answers to questions we get asked the most about commercial Panel LED lighting.

What materials do you use to produce your journals and notebooks?

We usually use artpaper,grayboard,offset paper for journal cover and interior pages. It can be customer’s choice and requirement.

What are your lead times for production?

The usual MOQ is 2K,It depends on exact title design. Production time : 35days after approval sample.

What are the available shipping options and estimated delivery times?

The regular shipping is sea shipment. Delivery time : 35 days after approval samples.

Can you customize the design and features of the journals and notebooks?

Our designer team can offer suggestion or solution based on customer’s requirement.Such as bookmark ribbon,elastic band and so on.

What are your payment terms and methods?

T/T,L/C,Paypal and so on.

Do you have experience working with importers from different countries?

We supply goods for Walmart,Disney,Target brand importers for more than 1o years, having rich experience on exporting.

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